The Florentia Consort Board of Directors is currently made up of five members and based in Florence, Italy.


  • Interim President and Secretary, Antonio Artese

  • Vice President, Judith Glyde

  • Councilor, Alberto Bologni

  • Florentin Döring

  • Samantha Stout


  • President, Florentin Döring

  • Vice President, Judith Glyde

  • Secretary, Antonio Artese

  • Councilor, Alberto Bologni


The Honorary Board is made up of friends and colleagues in the United States and Italy who believe in the mission of Florentia Consort and seek to help forward the goals determined by the Board of Directors according to the mission. The Honorary Board is currently made up of eight members.

  • Kate Bolton, Professor of Music History - Florentia Consort

  • SoYoung Lee, Executive Director - Rocky Ridge Music Center, Boulder CO

  • Becky Roser, alumna CU Boulder, former Music Advisory Board chair, philanthropist

  • Dan Sher, former Dean of CU Boulder College of Music

  • Jeremy Smith, Assoc. Professor of Musicology - UC Boulder

  • Ron Stewart, writer, former County Commissioner and Open Space Director - Boulder, CO

  • Charles Wetherbee, Professor of Records, CU Boulder, Carpe Diem String Quartet

  • Paolo Zampini, Director - Conservatorio "Luigi Cherubini" di Firenze